The Boho Luxe Collection is Bohemian Luxury. This collection is fun, bold, unique and very eclectic. Every piece in this collection is one of a kind and hand made. The collection is necklaces and earrings. Pendants and beads in Boho Luxe are from around the globe.  Boho Luxe Collection is a love of culture and ethnic adornment; it fuses stones and crystals with beads and pendants from different cultures from around the world from Africa to Asia. Boho Luxe is from the global citizen who loves to stand out in a crowd. 


The Signature Collection takes our logo and creates classic pieces for everyone to enjoy. Necklaces, Earrings and bracelets in this collection are made with quality crystal and stones and precious metals. Simple and Elegant designs allow for everyone to find a signature piece for themselves; stones include black onyx, turquoise, citrine and quartz. 


The Sacral Stone Collection is to nourish the Sacral Chakra with waist beads. This collection will have ready to wear pieces available and will offer custom orders. This collection includes high frequency stones and materials that have strong healing properties. The Sacral Chakra is where we experience passion, pleasure and creativity; for women wearing waist beads can help healing and self-care, wearing waist beads brings mindfulness and a reminder that we create from our sacral space. 

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